Horizon's Pint-Sized Heroes

Last week, Horizon Elementary completed it's 4th American Red Cross Blood Drive.  Elementary learners get to hear a brief presentation about the Blood Drive and may choose to participate in the Pint-Sized Hero program by recruiting adults in their life to donate blood.

This year, 41 potential donors came to Horizon on October 18, and ALL who came were able to donate.  A total of 44 units was donated that day!  Kim Jensen, the Red Cross Donor Recruiter, says that it is almost unheard of for every single guest to actually qualify and be able to donate - what a gift!

Today, the Horizon Half-Pint Heroes received one medal for each adult who donated on their behalf.  Some of the medal-winners are pictured above.

Way to go, Team Horizon!  We are #TigerProud!