The Three Little Pigs

Jr. Kindergarten has been studying The Three Little Pigs during a close read over the last 3 weeks. Our final project was a STEM mission: build a house that the wolf can’t blow down. Learners worked in small groups to plan, build, and modify a house that met the following criteria: must have 4 walls, must have a roof, must fit 3 little pigs, and must be strong enough a wolf can’t blow it down. They used materials found all around the classroom to build their masterpieces. Learners also had to use their Habits of Mind skills to accomplish this task- Taking Responsible Risks, Persistence, Managing Impulsivity, Creating, Imagining, & Innovating, and Striving for Accuracy. After building time, the learners presented their houses to the class and they were put to the ultimate test: a hair dryer wolf! We are so excited to report that ALL houses were strong enough to survive the Big Bad Wolf!